Paes, Ana Rita MariaA Study of the Effectiveness of Public Health Care in the State of Goa DIS200
Shirodkar, GajeshE-Waste Management and its Effects on Human Health DIS199
Lotlikar, Ridhi RaghuvirSolid State Management in the town of Margao : A Study DIS198
Gomes, JesusMisuse of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 in the Sub-Dstrict of Salcete GoaDIS197
Vaz, Zarina Infancy VelhaA Study of the availability, Importance and Effects of Teaching Aids at the Primary Education Level DIS196
Gomes, FlancyFood Adulteration in Goa : A Socio-Legal Study DIS195
Puranik, SnehalA Study of Food Adulteration in Small Hotels in South Goa with Reference to Legal Requirements of Hygiene and Sanitasation DIS194
Parab, PriyankaSocial Security Benefits to Workers in Unorganised Sector DIS193
Gomes, Lariza MarylouA Critical Analysis of Sexual Abuse of Children of Migrant Labourers in the State of Goa DIS192
Dessai, Bhagyashree Alias SidhiHarassment to the Street Vendors : A Legal Study DIS191
Gaonkar, AnushaFacilities provided to Industrial Workers and Safety Measures under Factory Act, 1948 with special reference to Sanguem Industrial Estate DIS190
Naik, PrachiSafety Standards in Street Food : A Critical Study in the City of PanajiDIS189
Oliviera, NafisaLaw and the Marginalised Others; Exploring the rights of Tribal Communities of GoaDIS187
Gadnish, Vishwanath B.Human-Animal Conflict : A critical Analysis in the State of Goa DIS186
Naik, Shruti SubhashA Study of Panchayati Raj Institution in GoaDIS185
Fal Desai, Deepsy DinanathAwareness of Free Legal Aid amongst Citizens : a critical analysisDIS184
Desai, Soniya K.Domestic Violence of Women in South Goa : rise in the number of cases in the recent timesDIS183
Bhatkuly, Govindraj AjitStudy of Cases of Dishonour of Cheques : A Study with respect to Panaji, Criminal CourtDIS181
Sweta, MugeriRoad Accidents : A Critical Study of Problems of Safety MeasuresDIS180
Zambaulikar, SupradaProperty Righs and Special Economic Zones : A Critical AnalysisDIS179
Colaco, Clint ClimacoProblem of Health of the Migrant Labour DIS178
Vaz, Maria ValleryCruelty Against Animals in Goa with special reference to Elephants in Goa DIS177
Mascarenhas, Melusha MariaPromoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care DIS176
Parwar, Roshant RajaramReservation Policies adopted by the Government of Goa in Public Employment : critical analysiswith regard to persons with disabilities in the State of Goa DIS175
Godinho,MerylThe Procedure fo trial of child in conflict with law in the State of Goa with special reference to the Juvenile Justice DIS174
Diniz, Sineta AnishaImpact of E-Governance Services on the Service Sector : A Critical Analysis in the District of South Goa DIS173
Sawant, Ashish AmarInadequate Social Security in Old Age : A critical study on the welfare measures of the Government of GoaDIS172
Naik Vaidhya, Sumedha GurudasGrowing trend toward closure of Government Primary Schools DIS171
Naik, Sandhya UmeshImplementation of Law relating to Life Insurance : A Critical Study in the District of South Goa DIS170
Velip, PramodRole of Public Distribution System in Ensuring Food Security : An Analysis of Operation of Public Distribution System in Quepem Taluka DIS169
Rego, Liza MarcelaCyber Crimes : A Growing Challenge in Goa DIS168
Pai Raikar, RadniElectronic Trailing and Consumer Protection with reference to Consumers of South Goa DIS167
D'Costa, Nikita LiaContracts Affecting Consumers in Competitive Markest with special reference to Western India DIS166
Fernandes, Tiera Donna MariaEffects of Coal Handling and Transportation on Right to Life with special reference to Health DIS165
Kulkarni, Tanvi MohanSafety Measures taken by Smallscale Industries in the District of South GoaDIS164
Fernandes, Raisa ValainkaA Study on Roady Accidents with special reference to Rash and Negligent Driving : A Critical AnalysisDIS162
Kadam, HrishikeshConstruction Workers and Social Securit : A Critical Study in the State of GoaDIS161
Rodrigues, Lancy BerticiaLabour Safety in Construction Sites : A Critical Study in the State of GoaDIS160
Naik, SumitaA Study of E-WAste Management in the State of GoaDIS158
Naik, Saeesh VamanAnimal Regulation and Immunization for Prevention of Spread of DiseasesDIS157
Mascarenhas, TeisySocio-Legal Study Depression, Anxiety and related problems among students in South GoaDIS156
Kankapur, AshwiniA Study of Safety and Quality of Pharmaceutical ProductsDIS155
Shenvi Kakodkar, Pranav SuryajiCoaching Classes in the State of Goa : A Critical AnalysisDIS154
Barreto, Rosebelle RositaUnderstanding differently abled individuals with special focus on Autism : An imperical study in the State of GoaDIS153
Ferrao, Ashvini GleenaA Critical Study of On-Time Sale of Pharmaceutical ProductsDIS152
Barreto, Evelina ArcangelaCyber Crimes : An Overview study with reference to the State of GoaDIS151
Keni, Shveta Alias Shevanta N.Legality and Properity of Punishment as prevailing in Schools : A Stud in the State of GoaDIS150
Tiwari, MedhaviA Study of E-Contracts based on the Indian Legal SystemDIS149
Mascarenhas, Chelsea FerilaNeed for Social Security for Domestic Workers : A Socio-Legal StudyDIS148
Kharab, Bharati BabloNo Detention Policy : A Critical StudyDIS147
Nadkarni, ShambhaviHuman Traffficking - A Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children : A Critical Study in the State of Goa DIS146
Bhende, Ruhi P.S. The ILL Effects of Smoking and Spitting the Public Places : A study in respect of State of GoaDIS145
Nagvenkar, ChetnaAgricultural Land Holdings with special reference to Agricultural Development SchemesDIS44
Devidas Shet Panchwadkar, GaurishA Study of Rights , Facilities and problems faced by the inmates of police custody and Judicial custody in the areas of South-Goa: a brief comparison of their positionDIS143
Gonsalves, RosylineUnderstanding care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS: a critical study in the state of GoaDIS142
Phal Dessai, ChandruA Critical Study of the Impact of Large Scale Mining on Forest and Wildlife in the area of South GoaDIS141
Naik, Manisha MangaldasDomestic Violence in South Goa : a socio-legal studyDIS139
Menezes, Lychelle O.A Study on Trade Mark Dilution in IndiaDIS138
Kirtany, Sharwari VamanThe Right to Inclusive Education of Intellectual and Physically Disabled SchoolDIS137
Furtado, Shirley S. De MonteRight to Education and Basic Amenities in Schools : a critical studyDIS136
Lotlikar, Mandar SushanAlcoholism: a major cause for rise in cases of Drunken Driving and Road Accidents in GoaDIS135
Gaonkar, Sangita UlhasSlaughtering of Animals in Goa : a study with special reference to South GoaDIS134
Fernandes, BruceDamages awarded by Motor Vehicles Claims Tribunal : a study in South-GoaDIS133
Prabhu, Devanand PrabhakarEncrochment of Communidade Lands in Goa: a study with special reference to Usgao village in Ponda talukaDIS132
Fernandes, Muriel AvitaRight to Education of the Intellectually and Physically ChallengedDIS131
Rote, Kaustubh N.Undertrial Prisoners in South Goa: rights facilities and problemsDIS130
Navelkar, Jyoti R.Legal Aid and Awareness: a critical study with reference to GoaDIS129
Falcao, Aleesha DosEmployment and Future Sustainability of persons with disabilityDIS128
Naik, Prasiddh PrakashIllegal Construction Activities in Rural Sector of Ponda TalukaDIS127
Dalvi, Yamini JivbaSanitation Provisions in the Schools of South - GoaDIS126
Misal, Pravesh B.Schemes for Scheduled Tribe Community in Goa : a critical study in reference to Sanguem talukaDIS125
Pereira, QuencyImpact of Lok Adalat over Litigation: a critical study in the district of South GoaDIS124
Kamat, Malini RamchandraSolid Waste Management in Ponda of South Goa DistrictDIS123
Gaonkar, Sandesh RaghobaAgricultural land Conversion and its Political Socio-Economic Legal impact in GoaDIS122
Govenkar, Ketan S.Implementation of Right to Information Act 2005 in Goa: issue and effectivenessDIS121
Rajadhyax, GorakhA Critical Study on the Freedom of Press in India: the Goan experienceDIS120
Gauns Dessai, DattarajEffect of Minning Ban on Truck owners and related businesses in South-GoaDIS119
Colaco, Joao Robert AnastasioImpact of Mining on Bio-diversity in GoaDIS118
Bhangui, Sankali SanjayA Critical Study on Private Inter-state Bus Transport at Ponda Bus TerminalDIS117
Perreira, SuzetteRight to Information and Good Governance : a critical study in the state of GoaDIS116
Cardoso, AlvinaForest Conservation in South- Goa : a critical studyDIS114
Khutkar, ViditaHeritage in Peril: a case study of Usgalimol Rock Craving in Kevan Dhadole Village in Sanguem TalukaDIS113
Shaikh, Halima BiRight to Survival Health and Nutrition of a ChildDIS112
Marathe, Prakash PandurangPublic Distribution System : an empirical investigation into the implementation of Legal provisionsDIS111
Antao, Saria JuwelA Study of Juvenile Cyber Crime in the State of GoaDIS110
Laad, Samruddhi N.Violence Against Children in the State of Goa : a critical studyDIS109
Rodrigues, Sarita SuccorinhaA Study on Water Pollution in Cuncolim Industrial EstateDIS108
Halarnkar, Adish VinodProtection of Whistleblowers : a study with respect to the adequency of protectionDIS107
Naik, Prachi DamodarEve Teasing : an indepth studyDIS106
Natekar, Omkar AshokStray Dog Menance in Margao CityDIS105
Sinari Katkar, Pari NikhilCross Practice : an infamous conduct in a professional senseDIS104
Fernandes, Samatina AliciaA Study of the Legal Framework for Child Adoption in IndiaDIS103
Pimenta, Ian SavioRagging in Professional Higher Educational Institutions in GoaDIS102
Prabhudesai, Shreya JagdishFemale Foeticide : a serious challenge for the societyDIS101
Issani, Shahir S.Lok Adalat as an Alternative Dispute Resolution System in the District of South Goa : a critical studyDIS100
Colaco, Ashwini DominicaCauses of Road Traffic Accidents : a legal perspectiveDIS99
Noronha, Samantha MariaSenior Citizens Right: a socio-legal study in the state of GoaDIS98
Fernandes, NatashaSmoking and Spitting in Public in the District of South-GoaDIS97
Audi, Shanoor Alias Jagdish PandurangJuvenile Justice Delivery System in the State of GoaDIS96
Sahakari, Sourabhi AvdhootMotor Vehicle Accidents caused by Drunken Driving : a study with respect to state of GoaDIS140
Dhumatkar, Nikhil GajananNeed for Irritreivable Breakdown of Marriage as an Additional Ground in the Law of Divorce as Applicable to the state of GoaDIS115
Remedios, Reis Jose Manuel Bernardo JovianoStudy on Poverty and Child LabourDIS94
Cardozo, Mario SuniferDisposal of Plastic Waste in South Goa Muncipalities : a legal studyDIS93
Sinai Kudchadkar, Shantashri ShantaramWhite Collar Crimes in MEdical Professiona : a study with respect to state of GoaDIS92
Santimano, Ivan JudePatient's Rights and Medical NegligenceDIS91
Bhatkuly, Govindraj, AjitStudy of Cases of Dishonour of Cheques : a study with respect to Panjim criminal courtsDIS90
Raot Dessai, Sanjana VilasMining and its Adverse Effects in South GoaDIS89
Silva, CyndianaThe Juvenile Justice System in Goa : an empirical study with respect to he rehabiltation and social reintegration of childrenDIS88
Naik Kurade, Amruta KrishnaIssues and Problems relating to Ground water in South-Goa : a critical studyDIS87
Rodriguese, Ridhika RositaCivil Amenities under Village panchayat (Carmona) Council : a critical, social, legal studyDIS86
Goltekar, Achut N.Land Acquisition: a study on compensation granted to the landowners in the state of Goa with reference to Tiswadi TalukaDIS85
Naik, Rohan RamaLittering of Solid Waste in the wards of Dovorlim VillageDIS84
Luis, Ruby ZenildoRoad Accidents : a critical socio-legal study in the state of GoaDIS83
Pereira, John A.Decentralised Democratic Polity and Panchayati RajDIS81
Raikar, Chaitali SubhashMaternity Benefits for women at kakoda Industrial EstateDIS80
Malvankar, Vishal V.Crimes Against Women : a socio legal study in South GoaDIS79
Gaonkar, Prashila B.Mining and Water Pollution in Rivona village South Goa: a critical studyDIS78
Diniz, AudreyRise in Juvenile Deliquency in South Goa : a socio-legal studyDIS77
Nadkarni, ShantaIncrease in Female Foeticid in District of South GoaDIS76
Kakodkar, Pallavi ShambuSenior Citizen and Old Age Homes : analysisDIS95
Banu, Samoon Shaikh BashirAwareness of Consumerts rightsDIS75
Fernandes, OswaldSystem and Establishment under Agrarian Loss : a critical analysisDIS74
D'Silva, QueencyA Dissertation on Speedy Trial for Undertrials Represented throught Legal Aid at Sub-Jail, Sada, Vasco - GoaDIS73
Raikar, Ashveta A.Impact of Consumer LawDIS72
Flor, Clare GraciasEffective Functioning of the Panchayati RajDIS71
Kerkar,Preetai P.Alcoholism in GoaDIS70
Velip, PrashilaConceptual Analysis Between Illegal Cutting of Trees and Falling of Trees in South Goa : a critical studyDIS55
Naik, SheetalMenance Caused by Garbage in GoaDIS54
Dangui, Pradosh P.Hotel Waste Pollution in Colva : a critical analysisDIS53
Prabhu Dessai, RiturajCo-operative Housing societies : an analysis of their function in state of GoaDIS52
Simoes, Anisha E.Crimes Against Children in South Goa : a case studyDIS51
Bhetkekar, DattarajHygiene in Hopitals in South GoaDis50
Sukhthanker, AudumberMuncipal Solid Waste in ponda talika of North Goa District : a critical studyDIS49
Nevgi, Janhavi R.Juvenile Deliquency in South GoaDIS48
Telang, Shradha S.Water pollution in the State of Goa: a study of the underlying causes and consequencesDIS47
Kande, Krutika KishoreMismanagement in disposing plastic litter in South Goa : a critical studyDIS46
Shirodkar, Sonia B.Misuse of Animan for BullfightDIS45
Faldesai,Raghuraj A. Right ti Information : law and practiceDIS44
Bandekar, Smita M.Non Biodegradable waste disposal on Costline of South GoaDIS43
Pereira D'Silva, Nelly HelenSafety Measures adopted by Factories at Margao Industrial EstateDIS42
Naik, Kalpita RamnathDisposal of Chapter cases under Criminal Procedure, 1973 with special reference to Ponda Taluka, North - GoaDIS41
Dessai, Sumita SawantDiscrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS in the state of GoaDIS40
Salunke, Vinayak PrakashLaw relating to infringement of registered Trade MarkDIS39
Patil, Suhali G.Violation of Air pollution by Mining activities and its adverse effects on the Quality of air: a critical study in Sanguem Taluka of Goa DIS38
Rebello, Francy DorethyThe Muncipal Solid Waste Management : critical study conducted in MargaoDIS37
D'Costa, JocelynnA Critical Legal Study on Water Pollution caused by Industrial Waste in Cuncolim Industrial area in GoaDIS36
Furtado, Simonca Critical Study of the PressDIS35
Zambaulikar, SupradaProperty Rights and special Economic Zones : a critical analysisDIS34
Naik, Ruchira LaximanDayanand Social Security Scheme : an indepth analysis of its implementationDIS29
Mhamal, Dhanashri BapuStudy on Employmnet of Disabled in Private Sector in the Pilerne Industrial Estate in the State of GoaDIS69
Sheni, Tina DamodarA Critical Legal Study on the Impact of Mining Activities : with reference to transperent and the health in Sanguem and Quepem talikas in South GoaDIS68
Correia, RozenaDomestic Violence of Womens in South Goa : rise in the number of cases over the last six yearsDIS67
Carvalho, OdetleConcocted Domesic Violence CasesDIS66
Nagrale, SoniyaExploitation of Women at Workplace Equal RemunerationDIS33
Chowgule, Pranand PrakashRight to Information : public awarenessDIS32
Pusekar, KapilaImplementation of Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules in South - GoaDIS31
Fernandes, Sanford WilfredPiracy of Software : an indepth studyDIS30
Shaikh, Nazira Bi Gaffar KarolLok Adalats : a critical study with respect to the state of GoaDIS28
Karekar, Shamrao Krishna Safety Measures Provided for the workersof Goa Shipyard Limited DIS27
Redker, Valanka Alias Laximi BabuPrevalence of Child labour in Goa : a study of the underlying causes and consequencesDIS26
Malkarnekar, Divya Vinay ShenviTo Study the Conditions faced by the Juvenile Offenders in the Observation Hmes in Goa in Connection to the Implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000DIS65
Gomes, Myrl Ninotchka RashmiA Study of Labour Disputes Resolutions in Mormugoa Port Trust inThe State of GoaDIS64
Mahamal, Mayur Y.Condition of Unorganised Labour on Beach Belt Areas with reference to Labour LawsDIS63
Prabhu Dessai, SiddharthInformation Technology Industries : a study of the occupational diseasesRDIS62
Vernekar, Dharmanand R.Condition of Daily wage field Labour in Muncipal Council of GoaDIS61
Kudchadkar, Datta ManojPrison Reforms in GoaDIS60
Naik, Santosh AnandMigrants Labour at Mangor Hill AreaDIS59
Chari, Deepa DevidasSocial Security to Workers in Unorganised SectorDIS58
Gauns Dessai, Anjita DattuConditions of migrant Workers in Goa with respect to Construction SectorDIS57
Menezes, Analiz MariaAlternate Dispute Resolution in Intellectual Property Rights DisputesDIS25
Godinho, AntonioA Brief Study of Facilities to Industrial Workers and their Safety MeasuresDIS24
Hede, Abhir Chandrakantroblem in Implementation of the Panchayat Raj : a oan experienceDIS23
Juvekar, Jyoti AtmaramRole of the Authorities in Maintaining Public Peace : a study in the context of criminal procedure code DIS22
Lolayekar, Prajakta P.Situation of Women in Workplaces: with reference torelevant legislations DIS121
Prabhu Dessai, Sampada P.Right to Education for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children CiricalDIS20
Namashikar, Akshata AnandChild Sexual Abuse : a study of causes leading to child sexual abuse in Goa and How far Goa Children's Act is useful and Effective in its implementationDIS19
Bandodkar, Sapna S. N.Undertrial Prisoners in Goa : a study of variouF problems in the context of precedent lawsDIS18
Bale, Meeta M.Right to Health and its Efficacy on Workers Working in factories in GoaDIS17
Parodkar, Siddhi M.Sexual Harassment of Women at Wokplace in state of GoaDIS16
Bhembre, Abhaya SatishEmployees State Insurance Schemes : its implementation in GoaDIS15
Silva, Judas ChagasStudy of Child Labour in Goa with Reference to Domestic Work and Hold IndustryDIS14
Tari, Sonali RanganathCrime Against Women in GoaDIS13
Gawas, Rati RameshPanchayat's and Construction activities : a critical socio - legal study with respect to Bardez Taluka in the state of GoaDIS12
Serrao, RavitaPayment of Bonus Act, 1965 : a beneficial legislationDIS56
Shetye, Prajwala P.Application of Employees state Insurance Act 1948 : a legal studyDIS11
Kargutkar, Prashanti M.Trade Unionism, Collective Bargaining and its RoleDIS10
Dessai, Viditha UdayProvisions of Authorised Deductions under Payment of Wages Act,1936 with special Reference to factories Industries in GoaDIS09
Salunke, ReshmaSafety , Welfare and Under Factories ActDIS08
Rege, Prashant C.Safety Under The Factories ACt, 1948DIS07
Vernekar, Kapil K.Whether the Provision Relating to Safety, Health and Wealfare Under The Factories Act, 1948 have been complied within Factories dealing with hazardous processes in the Kundaim and Verna Industrial Estates GoaDIS06
Naik, Supriya C.Whether the Provision Relating to Health Safety and Welfare under the Factories Act, 1948 have been complied witin factories dealing in Pharmacuticals in GoaDIS05
Usgaonkar, Yogita K.Lay off and Retrenchment CompensationDIS04
Godinho, Suella Tina ValiniSpecial Provisions on Women and Children and its Implementation : with reference to Labour LawDIS03
Kunkolienkar, Goraknath M.Contemporary Relevance of the Application of employees State Insurance Act, 1948 all over India and particular in Goa :a legal studyDIS02
Mansi, N. DessaiSafety Welfare and Health Measures under Fatories ActDIS01

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